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UI Class Reference

#include <ui.h>

Inheritance diagram for UI:

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Public Member Functions

virtual void uiKeyboard (const SDL_KeyboardEvent &rcsSDLKeyboardEvent)=0
virtual void uiMouseMotion (const SDL_MouseMotionEvent &rcsSDLMouseMotionEvent)=0
virtual void uiMouseButton (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &rcsSDLMouseButtonEvent)=0
virtual void uiExpose (const SDL_ExposeEvent &rcsSDLExposeEvent)=0
virtual void uiResize (const SDL_ResizeEvent &rcsSDLResizeEvent)=0

Detailed Description

This is the base class for all other User Interface classes. It offers an interface that the derived class must implement in order to handle users' inputs

Definition at line 31 of file ui.h.

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