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ModelLoader Member List

This is the complete list of members for ModelLoader, including all inherited members.

_AC3DTextureToGL(const string &strPath, const AC3D::AC3DObject *const pObject, map< string, GLuint > &mapTexture) (defined in ModelLoader)ModelLoader [private, static]
_AC3DVertexToGL(const string &strPath, const vector< AC3D::AC3DMaterial > &vMaterial, const AC3D::AC3DObject *const pObject, const bool bProcessTranslucent=false) (defined in ModelLoader)ModelLoader [private, static]
GetNormal(Vertex &vO, Vertex &vA, Vertex &vB)ModelLoader [static]
Load(const string &rcsFileName)ModelLoader [static]
LoadAC3D(const string &rcsFileName)ModelLoader [static]
LoadOCM(const string &rcsFileName)ModelLoader [static]

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