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GUIButton Class Reference

#include <guibutton.h>

Inheritance diagram for GUIButton:

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Public Member Functions

 GUIButton (const int &rciX, const int &rciY, const uint &rcuiW, const uint &rcuiH, const string &strFile)
void SetBackground (const Color &color)
void SetForeground (const Color &color)
void Display () const
void uiKeyboard (const SDL_KeyboardEvent &rcsSDLKeyboardEvent)
void uiMouseMotion (const SDL_MouseMotionEvent &rcsSDLMouseMotionEvent)
void uiMouseButton (const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &rcsSDLMouseButtonEvent)
void uiExpose (const SDL_ExposeEvent &rcsSDLExposeEvent)
void uiResize (const SDL_ResizeEvent &rcsSDLResizeEvent)

Private Attributes

GLuint uiTexture
GLuint uiTextureOver
Color colorForeground
Color colorBackground

Detailed Description

This is a 2-state button: onMouseOver and onMouseOut.

Definition at line 30 of file guibutton.h.

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