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Destination Class Reference

#include <destination.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static OPENCITY_DIRECTION GetDir (const Destination &rcA, const Destination &rcB)

Public Attributes

 Which direction ?
uint _uiW
 The OC W, L coordinates.
uint _uiL
int _iHMin
int _iHMax
 The height of the current square (on the Oy axis).
uint _uiTime
 How many time do I have to move in this direction ?
OC_UBYTE _ubTraffic
 Local traffic at this WL.

Detailed Description

It's just a simple class which contains the informations about the OC W,L coordinates, in which direction it is and how many OC kms it is far away. Do not use pointers here !

Definition at line 31 of file destination.h.

Member Function Documentation

OPENCITY_DIRECTION Destination::GetDir const Destination rcA,
const Destination rcB

Get the direction from A to B. The coordinates designated by the two destinations must be side by side on the map

rcA First destination
rcB Second destination
The direction from A to B

Definition at line 45 of file destination.cpp.

References _eDir, _uiL, and _uiW.

Referenced by PathFinder::findShortestPath().

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