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Conf Member List

This is the complete list of members for Conf, including all inherited members.

_mapData (defined in Conf)Conf [private]
Close() (defined in Conf)Conf
Conf() (defined in Conf)Conf [inline]
GetBool(const string &key, bool &rbool, const bool def=false)Conf
GetFloat(const string &key, float &rfloat, const float def=0)Conf
GetLint(const string &key, OC_LINT &rlint, const OC_LINT def=0)Conf
GetValue(const string &key, const string def="")Conf
LTrim(OC_CHAR *const str) (defined in Conf)Conf [static]
Open(const string &fname)Conf
RTrim(OC_CHAR *const str)Conf [static]
~Conf() (defined in Conf)Conf [inline]

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