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More suggestions (additionating DGMurdock's ones)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:18 am    Post subject: More suggestions (additionating DGMurdock's ones) Reply with quote


I just registered on this forums after having a small problem with the activation. Now, to the suggestions.

I'm a fanatic of Sim City 2000 and some of 3k ones. I was thinking of some features burrowed directly from 3000 and newer games and others inspired by others of these or modifications of 2k ones.

Most of newer games structures should be on, as long as they aren't too 'off-topic'. Like waste management ones.

Industries would vary depending on taxes, ordinances and also the terrain. Some places may be adequate for mining, others for farming and others just for manufacturing.

Rail stations should not have the graphical problems that sc2k had, I mean, in that game those had to be placed along the city and connected with rails, resulting in trains spammed all along those. Solution: create a new structure: the train depot (2x2 building). You'll need one per line and as many stations (1x1, built at one side of the rail, or maybe make it look like a railpiece with some differences and make the trains pass through them) as you require in the line. Like what has been done with buses in sc3k: there are bus stations and bus stops.

New commercial buildings: TV studios, radio stations, fixed/mobile telephony providers, ISPs (internet providers), and other service buildings.

New zone types: microservices. There are built certain public services that (like the name says) offer less protection than the proper buildings, but are cheaper to mantain and can help distribute the bigger structures' effect.

Also would be cool to be able to adjust taxes for certain public service structures, if you want to save some money without losing too much provision of the restant buildings.

For multiplayer mode, I have a (very very for the long term roadmap) concept. It consists on a 'chain to the existing cities' feature: the server starts with one city registered and newer players will play the role of the neighbounds. They can make certain treaties, like sharing electric power, water and waste supplies and traffic/tourism between them (citizens would be able to go to work to other city or go visit some familiar from there), or if they hate each one, they can send disasters to the other ones, not only with military actions, but also some 'unreal' things like the regular unpredectible disasters from sc2k (earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, UFOs, etc). Airports and seaports would be the method for transporting passengers between distant cities (those that are unconnectable directly with yours). Because of those points, one city that isn't geographicly proper for citizens could provide services to others, like work places (industries), power/waste/water suppliage or tourism (unique places representated by buildings like parks, fountains or statues). This way, it'll become a 'cooperate and compete' multiplayer mode.

One anonying thing I had in sc2k was the separation of industrial, pollution generation zones from residencial/commercial ones, if I build them too far away they almost don't grow up even if I supply them with a vast rail network. But I think that there are other more efficient ways to keep pollution away from people, or better yet, reduce it. Discusable theme.

One thing I hate from sc3k is that the citizens want too many things and if I follow them, my incomes go negative. Please, don't make the game that hard.

About subways, make them a continuation of the railways, to the point of requiring the building of at least one rail depot, a small line of regular rail and a rail<->subway commuter. Overground raillines should share the passengers with the underground ones, as long as they're connected between them. Oh, and the rails should be sc3k like, two tracks per tile (one for go and one for return).

I'll add more suggestions here, if I have more.

Good night.

[EDIT 1]

We shall put new disasters and modify the lacking ones. A new disaster could be a new sickness (maybe parodying swine flu?), an tsunami (!), an godzilla-like creature and an UFO, splitting the 'monster' disaster from sc2k into two, or even an militar invasion. Some disasters should be user-preventable. Example: if you build fire stations, your city should be safer from burning. If you build police stations, riots will (almost) only appear in not-protected zones. Floods will appear more if the air in your city is highly polluted, even with permanent standings (because of global warming).
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there,

I've copied your ideas and DGMurdock's ones to the wiki. They will serve during the specifications writing process

Feel free to add new ideas,
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